Audio Conferencing

googlemapsWhy TurboConferencing, RHUB’s Audio Conferencing Services

Unlike other audio conferencing services, BestWebDemo audio conferencing services, TurboConferencing, integrates traditional telephones (PSTN) with computer microphones and speakers (VoIP), web conferencing and video conferencing. It offers the unique advantages that are described below.

TurboConferencing has two service modes:

Free audio conferencing. Hosts do not pay any fees. This is a complementary service for using an RHUB appliance. Only toll numbers are offered. Audio conferencing starts only after an online meeting session starts.
Paid audio conferencing. Hosts pay affordable fees to RHUB. Toll free numbers are provided. Hosts can start an audio conferencing session at any time with or without an online meeting.

TurboConferencing advantages:

1. Unparalleled cost saving

Hosts can choose to use free audio or paid audio for each individual meeting. Hosts pay for an audio session only when needed for a particular meeting.
Paid audio sessions cost as low as 3.9¢/minute
Free for computer based callers whether the callers are in a free or paid audio session.

2. Broadest reach

Dial-in with domestic toll numbers in 17 countries for free audio and toll or toll-free numbers in 28 countries for paid audio
OR join in from any internet connected computer using mic & speakers

3. Rich-media recording

Record voices of regular phone callers and computer callers
Record computer screen updates
Record webcam images
Play/publish in Flash or other common formats.

4. Powerful control

Display active speakers
Mute/unmute anyone or everyone by the host
Self-mute/unmute via phones or computers
Raise hands via phones or computers
Schedule audio conferences

5. Real-time reports

Show all call details including host names, access codes, caller numbers, start and end time, and cost.

6. PBX integration (optional)

Free for internal PBX callers
Extend PBX based conferencing to include hundreds to thousands of participants from 28 countries and computers over the internet

7. Premium audio quality for enterprises

RHUB has carefully selected high-quality telecom carriers around the world to provide you premium quality audio services. Try it free now to experience the enterprise caliber quality.